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Terms of Service/Sale

Terms of Sales/Service

WDC does not sell, give or otherwise relate customer information to third parties. WDC does use distributors to supply products directly to customers for us. If any of these company's that we use for distribution make unsolicited contacts with you, please let WDC know immediately. We also do not send out mass e-mailings (aka Spam) or mass mailings. Our e-zine (now defunct) is a completely opt-in publication. Back issues can be seen at E-zine

All products (except those sold through Amazon.com) are priced in U.S. dollars and are post paid to the continental U.S. unless otherwise specified. To determine shipping costs click products.php. Credit card purchases are processed within 24 hours. Personal checks and money orders are held for 10 business days to ensure they clear. Bounced checks incur an additional twenty-five dollar fee. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Connecticut Sales tax is added for purchases by anyone residing in the state of Connecticut or if the product is to be shipped within the state. This tax will be added whether or not the buyer has accounted for it in the purchase order.

Wildlife Damage Control strives to process orders within 24 hours from receipt. Please note that when selecting UPS as your shipping method, the package pick-up day is not counted as part of the shipping time. For example the longest duration should be; if an order is placed on Tuesday, we will complete processing on Wednesday, UPS would pickup product on Thursday. Shipping days varies due to selected service (e.g. Next Day Air, 2 Day Select, 3 Day Select, Ground) and Weekends/Holidays do not count in the shipping days.

On-line shipping cost is an estimate only. The site is unable to determine consolidation of products and box sizes required. If shipping will significantly exceed estimate, we will contact you prior to shipment. Items shipped via U.S. Postal Service may be shipped via insured mail, which will be included in shipping charges. Depending on shipper rules and regulations, there are limitations on which items can be shipped via overnight or two day air methods.

WDC cannot guarantee that you will be successful with the advice/products/services. There are just too many variables for us to guarantee your actions. We know that our techniques work because we have either used them or know other animal damage control experts who have. We are committed, however, to help you be successful. If you have any questions about using a product, we encourage you to send us an e-mail. We do accept phone-calls. However, we will require you to accept phone charges if you want us to call you back. We will help you through the process. 

Some products contain warranties from their manufacturers. These warranties will be honored by them.






Disclaimer: WDC seeks to provide accurate, effective and responsible information on resolving human/wildlife conflicts. We welcome suggestions, criticisms to help us achieve this goal. The information provided is for informational purposes only and users of the information use it at their own risk. The reader must consult state/federal officials to determine the legality of any technique in the reader's locale. Some techniques are dangerous to the user and to others. WDC encourages readers to obtain appropriate training (see our informational literature at our Store ), and understand that proper animal damage control involves patience, understanding that not every technique/method works for every situation or even 100% of the time. Your use of this information is governed by this understanding. We welcome potential users of the information and photos to simply ask for permission via e-mail. Finally, WDC welcomes e-mail but understand that all e-mails become property of Wildlife Damage Control.