Strike-Um Snake Trapping Lure

"Strike-Um " Snake lure was formulated after tears of research by James White in the field as my specialty is snake management. We basically got tired of putting down a glue board or those other snake traps and praying a snake would come across and stupidly get stuck to it.

Strike-um snake trapping lureStrike-Um Snake lure is formulated with food based ingredients and oils that were found to be most snakes main meals. We have used it exclusively for a few years now since perfecting it. We use our own Snake traps, however it works great on our Snake guard traps by simply putting a small ball of Sheep wool (recommended for its Heat sensor and lure holding ability) however cotton balls will work when sheep wool is not available.

Can you catch snakes without lure? Yea you can. But you catch them by basically a little luck and trap placement. However when applying snake lure to the center of the trap, with sheep wool or cotton balls, we saw a dramatic increase in catches of all species of snakes.

So instead of placing the trap and praying a snake comes by to get stuck for no reason ,the lure actually draws them into trap by its ingredients. Many have asked me why when I set the trap yesterday I didn't get a snake the next day. I always explain that depending on the species of the snake and food availability, the time since its last meal will depend on when you will catch the snake. Most of our catches and those who have used it have occurred normally in the 24-72 hour range once applying lure to trap. As the snake may not be as active ,or not been in feeding cycle for 24 hours or more. We have used this process over 1000 times and those were we did not catch a snake using trap or glue board ,either the snake vacated the premises or there was know snake,Never ONCE had a return call. One 4oz bottle goes a long ways. Like I always say, there is No Magic bait out there. Knowledge of species, proper trap placement and using this lure will however, greatly increase one's accomplishment in your Snake Management program.

You simply shake bottle a few times to insure no settling has occurred and a few drops on Sheep wool (recommended as stated before why) or cotton balls till saturated in center of the snake trap. Creator says, if no snake is caught after 72 hours, chances are there is no snake present.

Manufacturer's Snake Lure Testing Results

Very Effective

  • All Pit vipers
  • Black snake
  • Rat snake
  • Copperhead
  • Rattlers
  • Corn Snake
  • Milk Snakes
  • Python
Somewhat Effective
  • Garter Snake


  • Water Snakes

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