Snake Control in Homes and Buildings

Having a snake in your home can be quite stressful. Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy way of ridding your house of snakes short of burning your home down (a method we do NOT recommend).

Essentially, snake control in buildings requires a two pronged process. Both items need to be eventually done. (This list of steps is a broad outline of what you can do to rid your home of snakes. It cannot take the place of on-site professional advice. Use the information accordingly). We welcome suggestions.

Step 1. Determine what the laws are in your state before instituting any snake control program. Visit Wildlife Laws for a link

Step 2. Try to determine the kind of snakes you have, ie. if they are poisonous or not. Chances are the snakes are not poisonous. But if you can find out for certain in a safe way, then do so.

If you see snakes regularly, then you could try to catch them with SNAKE TONGS. WARNING though: Make sure you are comfortable handling snakes and you sure the snakes are not poisonous. Even non-poisonous snakes can bite you resulting in severe infection etc.

Step 3. Set Snake Traps where you have seen the snakes. Check the daily.

Step 4. Investigate your home for possible entryway's for snakes. You need to look carefully and methodically. Snakes depending on their size can enter small opennings. I would be concerned about holes that are 1/4 of an inch or larger. Caulk, foam or otherwise secure them. Don't forget that snakes can climb trees etc. So you may need to investigate the roof line. WARNING: Never just secure your building without trapping first as you may just trap the snakes inside your house. Also be warned that when you secure the holes you may trap a snake inside your building. It may die and smell or it may slither to a place you don't want it. If you know the exit snakes are using, then don't secure the hole. Instead simply set traps near the hole. Setting multiple traps raises the chances of your catching the snakes faster. But you will need to be patient. Spring time through the Summer is a time when young can be born. So you could end up having a number of little snakes that need to be caught.

Repellents and chemicals are not going to be much help here. To learn more click Repellents

For General Snake Control Click Snake Control




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