Special Skunk Traps & Covers

The good news is that generally speaking skunks (Mephitis mephitis nigra) can be easily trapped in box traps. The bad news is how do you keep yourself from getting sprayed by the trapped skunk when you approach the trap?

special skunk trapOne answer is by using a solid walled box trap. These plastic walled traps allow you to approach the skunk with added safety. They are absolutely enclosed (no holes) except where hardware penetrates the trap and the holes in the solid aluminum door. Some trappers drill holes in the trap for added airflow. We do NOT recommend this as if you catch a raccoon, the raccoon will widen the air vent and destroy the trap. While the trap does not stop the skunk from spraying, it does reduce the risk of the skunk spray hitting you and it also reduces the risk as the skunk will be less nervous. (Nervous skunks spray).

Dura-Poly Plastic-catch, solid walled, box trap is available in white-only. This trap measures 9" x 9" x 24" and is very heavily constructed. This is the preferred skunk trap of many. I would suggest drilling some holes for ventilation near the rear of the trap.

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Option 2 for Safer Skunk Trapping "Trap Covers"Skunk trap cover

You provide the trap, we provide the cover. This plastic trap cover converts your cage trap to a low cost solid sided skunk trap. This cover gives you the flexibility to use your traps for skunks and for other animals at a fraction of the cost. Comes in two sizes, 24 inch size for skunk traps and 30 inch size for raccoon.

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