Skunk Trapping Booklet Revised and Expanded

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Few animals will cause homeowners as much grief as a skunk. While they do little actual physical damage to property, their odor can permeate a home like nothing else can. Knowing how to properly capture and remove them safely is very important. Failure to act correctly can result in an unfortunate incident.

Sometimes people make the mistake of trying to block the skunk's entrance hole and thereby inadvertantly imprison the skunks under the deck or porch. If unable to dig back out, the skunks die, resulting in an even stronger odor when their carcasses decay. Skunk trapping is easy. Let me be your teacher through this booklet.

I cover everything from safety to trap choice to disposition. I also provide buyers with free e-mail consultation in case a problem, not covered, comes up. WDC stays with you after the purchase.

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"The skunk took the bait, the trap worked and the skunk was caught. So far the problem has been solved. Thanks for your help."

This guide will teach you how to box trap skunks like the pros. This 16 page 81/2x51/2 inch pamphlet takes you step by step through the trapping process. You can save hundreds of dollars over hiring a professional animal damage controller.

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