Mephitis mephitis nigra


We are fully aware of the odor problems, the lawn damage,  the fact that they are walking through your lawn. Scroll down the links below and find information on a variety of skunk problems and how to resolve them. Of course, when push comes to shove, few methods resolve problems like actual population control. If that is what you are looking for, simply click on the link for books.

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For information on how to trap skunks, you can purchase our skunk trapping booklet here The booklet is also available through e-mail shipping at a reduced cost.

Deodorizing Skunk Smell
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How Do I Know if I Have Skunks Living Under My Deck?

Well my book, The Wildlife Damage Inspection Handbook, does tell you how to determine if they are living there. I will give you the short answer. Just fill the gap between the side of the deck and the ground. You can use dirt, newspaper, boards etc. You wont' trap the skunks in as they will just dig underneath to get out. If they do, then recover the hole with dirt. If it happens two days in a row. You know they are living there


How to meet Mr. Skunk and Still Smell Good

  1. Don't surprise them! If you don't like to be startled then imagine how skunks feel when they get surprised by some 150 pound two legged creature. If you know skunks are around your area be cautious. Turn on outside lights. Make noise while walking to your car so that they know you are coming.
  2. If skunks hang around your door preventing you from entering, believe it or not I have received at least one phone call regarding this, then try to use the back door. If that is impossible get a garden hose and send some artificial rain on them. This should allow you to spray them at a safe distance as well as encourage the skunks to move on.
  3. If you are box trapping for another animal like a woodchuck or squirrel (or an animal that only walks around in the daylight), make sure you close your trap before nightfall so that you won't catch Mr. skunk that night.
  4. If skunks are common in your area or you are concerned about catching them, get a gravity door trap. Then if you catch a skunk use an 18 foot long extendable painters pole to gently tip the trap onto its side and back. You want to extend the pole to maximum distance to reduce the risk of getting sprayed. If the skunk can't see you then that is even better. Be gentle and tip the trap over in stages. When you do this the trap door should open (gravity door traps only). Then the skunk will leave when he feels safe enough which should be no later than nightfall.


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