Rats, Norway Rat, Wood Rat, Roof Rat

Scientific Name: Roof Rat aka Black Rat: Rattus rattus , Norway Rat: Rattus norvegicus


Wood Rats are found especially around Arizona, New Mexico and California

Roof Rats are generally never found more than 100 miles away from the coast.

Norway Rats are found everywhere there are humans.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

Roof Rats: Tail is longer than the body and the head combined.

Habitat: Everywhere there are humans. Rats are known as commensal rodents, meaning they live with people.

Access to Homes

Methods of Control

There is no magic in rat control. We are unaware of any solid evidence that ultrasonics work to repel rats. Click Ultrasound to learn more.

Rats in the News

Cold Rats Set Rural Houses on Fire Reuters COPENHAGEN, Denmark (Nov. 1) - If a house burns down in rural Denmark in autumn, there's a good chance rats or mice are to blame, according to a Danish insurance expert. Ritzau news agency Wednesday quoted Svend-Anker Worm of insurance company Topdanmark as saying sparks from electric cables short-circuited by gnawing rodents caused 13 percent of all fires in farm properties. Statistics showed that fires occur most frequently in autumn when rats and mice move indoors to seek shelter from the cold.

There is a chapter on rat control in the Truman Guide


rat traps





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