Raccoon Traps

Procyon lotor

Raccoon Species Specific Traps (ie. traps that are designed to catch only raccoons).


1. Little Griz Species specific raccoon trap

Lil' Griz raccoon species specific trap

Before buying this trap consider the following:
1. If you think you may need instructions, this trap is NOT for you.
2. If you are not prepared to remove a captured raccoon with a restraint pole and transfer cage, then this trap is NOT for you.
3. This trap works best for people with fur-trapping experience.

The latest technology has to offer in species-specific
raccoon traps
Place your mouse on the Lil' Griz and see it in the set position. We paint ours white for "eye" appeal. No need to disassemble to set
No special tools required
All steel construction, will last a lifetime

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2. Egg Trap

3.Box Traps (often mistakenly called Live Traps)

Plastic raccoon TrapThis is the Dura-Poly Plastic-catch, solid walled, box trap. It is available in white-ONLY. This trap measures 12" x 12" x 32". It has a solid metal galvanized door. This trap will hold the largest raccoon, and would be an excellent skunk, woodchuck, cat trap. Easy to set. Easy removal of the animal. Trap door extends only approximately 3 inches beyond the trap. Order On-Line



Raccoon cage trapProfessional raccoon trap. One spring-loaded door. Measures 32" x 10" x 12". Great on woodchucks and rabbits also !!

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Raccoon trap cover raccoon trapsTrap Cover for Raccoon Sized Safeguard Cage Traps Order On-Line

Plastic Cover converts traps sized 30-36" into solid walled traps for greater safety for you and security for the animal.





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