Vole Quackery

I have been told by a local nursery that juicy fruit gum is an effective bait to kill voles, as it cannot be digested by them and causes intestinal blockage which results in death. I have tried this method to control voles in my flower garden. I have seen that on numerous occasions when I have placed a stick of gum in a vole hole, the gum disappears completely within a short period of time. This method appears to control the voles for a period of a week or two, but ultimately they return and continue to eat through the roots of my irises, cone flowers, sweet william and day lilies. While the use of gum appears to provide temporary relief, I really do not know if an actual intestinal blockage occurs, and if it does, perhaps there is a most effective set of tactics for employing this strategy. Could you please advise regarding what you know about this.

Thank you,

Wayland, Massachusetts


Stephen Vantassel is a Certified Wildlife Control Professional. He is a nationally known writer including having been an assistant editor for Wildlife Control Technology magazine, author of numerous ADC articles as well as The Wildlife Removal Handbook rev.ed and the Wildlife Damage Inspection Handbook rev. ed. Mr. Vantassel is also a vocal critic of the growing animal rights movement. He has exposed the fallacies and deceptions of the animal rights protest industry through debate, lecture and publication.


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