Products to Prevent Wildlife Damage

Animal damage prevention has often been hindered by the lack of adequate animal damage prevention equipment. Wildlife Damage Control seeks to end this problem by providing only the best products and equipment. If you are wondering why more items are available, the answer is because there aren't a lot of good ones out there. We would suggest you do check our our Store for other products.

animal damage prevention products

vent covers damage prevention products

Attic Vent Screens

Chimney Caps (chimneys are the animal trap that people don't think about)

Repellents For White Tailed Deer

Fences for White Tail Deer

Mouse Access Prevention

Bird guard dryer vent coversDryer and Exhaust Vent Covers    Pricing & Ordering Information

Keep birds out of your dryer vents and other exhaust vents with this easy to install product. Made of durable plastic, comes in white only. Don't use hardware cloth to screen dryer vents as the lint build up will reduce exhaust flow and possibly cause a fire.



Scare Crow water repellent The Scare Crow Pricing & Ordering Information

This sprinkler is motion sensitive. It only sprays water when its motion sensor is activated. It is said to be effective in scaring animals away from protected areas. We would love to hear your comments about this device. Don't use at times where the water will freeze.


Porcupine Wire: to reduce animal climbing or perching

Window Well Covers


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