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We know that anyone can sell animal damage control supplies. But we also know that not every business has the know how to make sure you are buying what will work for your situation. We have seen too many people buy a trap from a business that didn't tell them that the trap purchased was not appropriate for the animal being sought.

We at WDC solve that problem. 

WDC provides resources to educate clients on handling animal damage control problems effectively. We don't sell magical techniques. We sell animal control procedures that have been field tested by professional animal damage controllers, not some arm chair biologist.

All products (except those sold through Amazon.com) are priced in U.S. dollars and most are post paid to the continental U.S. unless otherwise specified. Money order and credit card purchases are shipped out the next business day. Personal checks are no longer accepted. 

WDC also reviews videos, books etc. If you would like a product reviews simply click A Call for books on animal damage control trapping and wildlife for review


WDC is constantly on the look out for quality animal damage control products. If you have an item you would like us to consider please e-mail us ASAP.

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WDC does not sell or give away customer information to other parties. We also do not spam or send out mass mailings.


Off-Line Ordering Information

While we encourage the use of our secure on-line ordering system. Click Secure. We understand how some of our customers have concerns with on-line credit card purchases prefer to pay with money orders etc. For those of you who wish not to use on-line ordering please follow the instructions below.

To determine the total cost of the purchase please follow these steps.

1. Click the purchase online link of the product you wish to purchase. (Don't worry you will cancel before the transaction is complete).

2. You will be taken to the Miva Secure Server. Put the number of the items you want in the Quantity form. Then Click Add to Basket. The page will reappear. Then click in the upper right hand corner "Checkout"

3. You will be asked if you want to create an account. Simply click "Place Order Without Account". Then type in whatever you want for your name, street address, phone number and e-mail. Just be sure that with your fake e-mail you set it up as fake@nothing.com. The computer doesn't know if it is a real address or not. But it does recognize if it isn't set up properly.

4. Type in the correct City and State and Zip Code. This information is used by the computer to determine shipping costs.

5. Click "Continue". When you submit the information, (most of which is fake) you will be forwarded to a page that gives you options for shipping. In the shipping section, click the arrow. A form will come up that will list the prices of the various ways you can have the product shipped to you.

6. Click "Continue" and you will be forwarded to a page that will total the cost of the product and shipping. At this point, simply leave the site or turn off your browser. Note you have not put in your credit card number or even your full address. You can now send a money order to our address below. Or if you wanted to fax or call in your order, you will know what the total cost of the item(s) will be.




**You may be wondering about how safe web commerce is. It is certainly true that there are some unscrupulous people on the web. While internet commerce would be safer with secure servers, (which we cannot afford at the present time) remember that the waiter in the restaurant could also be misusing your credit card number. It is important to put the potential risk into perspective. However, if you have concerns, by all means use more traditional means to order our products. We are certain you will be glad you did.

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Disclaimer: WDC seeks to provide accurate, effective and responsible information on resolving human/wildlife conflicts. We welcome suggestions, criticisms to help us achieve this goal. The information provided is for informational purposes only and users of the information use it at their own risk. The reader must consult state/federal officials to determine the legality of any technique in the reader's locale. Some techniques are dangerous to the user and to others. WDC encourages readers to obtain appropriate training (see our informational literature at our Store ), and understand that proper animal damage control involves patience, understanding that not every technique/method works for every situation or even 100% of the time. Your use of this information is governed by this understanding. We welcome potential users of the information and photos to simply ask for permission via e-mail. Finally, WDC welcomes e-mail but understand that all e-mails become property of Wildlife Damage Control.