Copper Stuf-it

Are you looking for a way to seal cracks and crevices to prevent mice from entering a building that actually works and lasts? Integrated Wildlife Damage Control sometimes requires the use of special products. Controlling mouse damage is one of those times where professional products are needed.

We all know that controlling mice populations is only part of the solution. The other half of the solution lies in preventing mouse access to your home or building in the first place. While complete mouse exclusion is probably near impossible (just like a burglar proof home), it is prudent to at least take down the welcome sign and seal those cracks and crevices that invite easy mouse and rodent access.

This is where Copper Stuf-it comes in. mice access prevention

This tubular woven copper product easily folds and fits into tiny crevices where mice can enter your home. Using your fingers or a flat head screw driver, just insert the product into the crack. Then use scissors to proper length. Then take some foam and seal the opening. The foam and/or caulk work together with the copper stuf-it to prevent mouse access. First, the stuff-it provides a more solid barrier that is more difficult for mice to chew through. Second, the foam/caulk prevents heat loss that will attract mice in the cold months. (Warning, don't caulk/foam if you need the opening to allow air flow).

Stuf-it copper rodent controlSTUF-FIT Permanently

Modern Methods & Materials to Exclude Pests From Structures

Say you have a pipe or conduit coming through a wall or floor and small pests are entering the structure through the gap between the hole and the conduit. (Cockroaches under sinks, mice at exterior walls, etc.) You can just take STUF-FIT and start filling the void a little at a time but somebody came up with a better idea! Just wrap a length of STUF-FIT around the diameter of the conduit until you build up the right thickness and then tie it off in a knot. Just slide the STUF-FIT, knot and all, down the conduit and into the void. That's 360 degrees of exclusion in seconds, The knot just makes the fit even tighter. Try that with steel wool!

Expandable foam was developed to reduce heating costs by thermally tightening a structure. An important secondary benefit is that it excludes some pests for unpredictable lengths of time. But when STUF-FIT and foam are used together you get a metal reinforced seal that excludes pests and lasts a very long time. The foam distributes itself evenly throughout the STUF-FIT . Why? Permeability. Just wad up some STUF-FIT and shoot some foam into it. (Do this in a box or other container because foam can be messy! STUF-FIT is not messy!) You'll see permeability right before your eyes. After the foam has hardened check out the tenacity of the new STUF-FIT and foam combination. Very few people know this trick because it is secret information.

Dimensions: Technically, the stuf-it comes in a "tube", so it is 6" wide, but it is double thickness. The roll is also a 100 feet long.

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