Porcupine Wire

Stop wildlife from climbing

Have trouble with climbing animals? Then we suggest you install porcupine wire on ledges etc. to prevent animals from climbing.

porcupine wirePorcupine wire is


coon nixalite.jpg (38612 bytes) Look carefully and you will see stainless steel wire attached to the eave by the downspout (broken) and also on the ledge below at the bottom of the photo. This wire was installed to prevent future raccoons from climbing this man's house. 

The spikes work like barbed wire fencing. You want to align them so that an animal is unable to jump over them to a location free of the spikes. For example, to prevent raccoons or squirrels from climbing the corner of your house, we recommend three horizontal rows of 1 foot long strips that are placed so that the spine tips are at least 1-2 inches apart. This positioning would be very difficult for a climbing squirrel or raccoon to climb or jump over.

Spikes must be installed at least 7 feet off the ground and away from where anyone may come into contact with it. Porcupine wire is VERY sharp. Failure to follow these instructions can result in serious injury. 

Never use the product to stop climbing on animals that are already using your property. Consult with a professional before instituting this technique. To learn how to hire a qualified animal damage controller click HERE

porcupine wire mounting hardware

For best results:

Before installation, observe all safety requirements such as but not limited to, avoiding powerlines, installing wire at least 7 feet above the ground so people can't reach it and get hurt, etc.

Use the porcupine before you have a problem with a climbing animal.

Use at least two horizontal rows spaced three inches apart at each corner. We recommend using two feet per corner of your house.

Downspout installation:

You can install them vertically and use wire to attach to a downspout. I would think that you would have to use at least one screw to prevent the wire from sliding down. I would also use at least three wire ties per four inch strip.

I would suggest aluminum ties to reduce rusting. I think 8 inch long strips should be sufficient lengthn. Three of them per downspout should work. Make sure the raccoons aren't living in your house when you install. Otherwise the consequences could be severe. This also applies to situations where raccoons are using your home to get to their den. As for electricity, I can't comment. I would talk to an electrician. Adhesive will give instructions on use. I believe it has to be at least 50 degrees out.

Make sure the climbing animal can't find another way to climb the building, eg. trees, wires etc.


Plastic Gutters:

You may have to use the adhesive to secure the wire to the gutter line. Of course, ice and leaf issues may be an issue as the spines may obstruct and/or capture more of those items.

Installation on Stucco:

I would suggest gluing it. Place your anchors first, glue them in place using outdoor adhesive. Your hardware store will tell you what will last and look best for your color house. Let the anchors set. Then place the porcupine wire into the anchors. This is key, make sure you place the anchors in such a way that you can actually place the wire in the anchors after they are glued down.

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You can purchase this product by the linear foot (which includes fasteners) plus shipping. We can't give you shipping prices at this time because it depends on how long you want the strips to remain. The cost is much less if we can ship them in two foot rather than four foot lengths. Make sure you tell us what surface you plan to be attaching the porcupine wire to. It will help us to include the correct hardware. We prefer to ship via UPS rather than USPS.

Downloadable Instructions: If you are using the porcupine wire for a bird job or a more complicated mammal repellent job, you may want to take the time to download the four page instruction guide. It is a large file and doesn't cover everything, but it can be a benefit.

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