The Politics of Animal Damage Control

Unfortunately, we live in a world where the facts and realities of animal damage control are lost in the rhetoric of various protest industries. We, at Wildlife Damage Control, want to help people understand the facts and realities surrounding effective animal damage control. We endeavor to do this by pointing out the weaknesses in the statements and philosophies of the animal rights protest industry. We call them by various name, such as "protest industry", and "anti" because they properly show that the supporters of this philosophy are not so much interested in solutions or facts but money and protest. We hope that you will read our pages and consider the evidence presented.


Resources on the Animal Rights Issue

Research resources for students looking to write school papers on trapping and animal damage control

Documentation resources animal rights industry supporters won't mention.

Trap Information Wildlife Damage Control Home Page Student Trapping Resources Impact of Animal Damage Trap Legislation and Legal Issues


Massachusetts: Poster Child for Foolish Animal Rights Motivated Laws

MEDIA HELPS: A primer for reporters looking to provide a view opposed to animal rights.

Stephen Vantassel is available for interviews: click News Kit for Information


        Critique of the California ProPAW initiative

        Critique of MSPCA 8/4/98 press release.


Philosophical Meditations on the Animal Rights Movement

The Uneasy Conscience of the Animal Rights Movement:

The difference between Animal Welfare and Animal Rights
Animal Welfare.php

A Christian Minister Explains How He Can Morally Trap God's Little Creatures
christian minister traps.php

A Biblical Response to the so called "Christian Vegetarian/Animal Rights Movement

Principles Explaining Why Animal Damage Control is Necessary


Animal Rights Humor: We poke some fun at the Animal Rights Protest Industry Activists




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