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Question 1 (contains information critical of the 1996 Massachusetts Referendum inappropriately called, "The Wildlife Protection Act.) 



A.P. "S.C. Man Mauled by Alligator" Hilton Head S.C. AP-NY-06-06-99


Jeanette DeForge "Officials get teeth into Westover beavers" Springfield Union-News 4/29/99
     p. B4

Problem with this article is that it used hunters when the correct term is trappers. Trappers use traps, hunters use projectile devices. Second, the author failed to research the claims of the Westover Officials that "They had trouble finding people to trap beavers using the "live traps'". This statement is patently false. I know of two companies in the area that will trap Westover's beavers.  Finally, the author failed to use the correct term. Live trap is too vague a term as footholds are live traps.

Brian MacQuarrie "Busy Beavers leave family in over its head" Boston Globe April 5, 1999 B1,8

Nothing new here. Just the same old statements of the MSPCA about how conibears are painful. (no kidding, I wasn't aware that Trappers said they tickled). The author also quoted Linda Orel aide to the Natural Resources Joint Committee. The author can quote whomever he wishes. The problem is shouldn't the reporter determine the qualifications of Ms. Orel. How much real world trapping and animal management experience do you think she has?


Scherf, Margaret. "Beavers Threaten Cherry Trees" Washington D.C. Assoc. Press. NY-04-11-99 1516EDT

James P. Sterba "As Forest Reclaims American East, It's Man vs. Beast"With Trappers' Hands Tied, Wildlife Damage Control Becomes a Big Business..." WSJ, 5/21/02 page 1ff.

An excellent article about the effects of trap bans have had on Massachusetts etc.


Fitzgerald, Jim "Emus Are Big Nuisance in NY Town".c The Associated Press POUND RIDGE, N.Y. (AP)

Moore, Derek J. "Animal Control Officer Kills Attacking Ostrich" Santa Rosa, California Press Democrat
        Mar. 12, 1999


Carbone, Angela "Pond goose control may go to the dogs" Springfield Union News pp. 1, A8 3/26/99
                Problem with the article is how it failed to wrestle with the difficult issues surrounding animal damage
               control and how animal rights activists increase the cost of resolving conflicts.


12/4/98 Springfield, MA Union News "Woman, boy treated for rabies" p. A-16 carried an Associated Press story about two people needing to be treated for rabies because they cared for a stray cat.

12/3/98 Springfield, MA Union News "City worried about feral cats" p.B3. The city of Westfield, MA is taking steps to diminish the feral cat population due to the threat of rabies. Cats will be trapped. Healthy cats will be treated and given over to adoption. Sick cats will be destroyed.


Allen, Kristina. "Recent coyote attack gives MROSD hikers cause to use caution"
Los Altos Town Crier 7/24/96

A.P. "Dog's death blamed on Coyote attack" Springfield Union-News 5/17/99 p. A.5


A.P. "Deer Crossing Causes Fatal Wreck" (occurred in Germantown, WI)A.P. N.Y. 3/27/99

         People often die either in the collision with a deer or from avoiding a car
          collission with deer.

Antonio Regaldo, "Medical Mystery: Growing Plague of "Mad Deer" Baffle Scientists" WSJ May 24, 2002 page1.

Has information regarding Chronic Wasting Disease. But it also notes that in Wisconsin alone hunters killed 446,000 deer last year for a total economic impact of almost 1 Billion dollars.


A.P." Foxes Killed To Protect Rare Bird"  Los Angeles 5/17/99

This is yet another example at how wildlife management is needed to protect endangered species.


Gerver, Pernell "Moles in lawn can be controlled" Springfield MA. Sunday Republican p. E-3
          3/28/99. Problem with article was that Mr. Pernell neglected to inform his readers that
          mole traps were illegal to use in Massachusetts at that time.


A.P. "Pythons in grass have town tense" Springfield Union-News. 7/6/99 p. A-12.
        It appears that there were some loose five foot pythons in Columbia Conn.


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