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muskrat book Muskrat Trappers Guide

Cost $45.95 plus S&H to Continental U.S. (We understand that this book is presently out of print. If anyone knows for sure we would appreciate being contacted. Nevertheless, we do have a small supply) Order On-line

(Mitchell Ricketts)

A 182 page encyclopedia of current muskrat information. You get trapping details, the latest about muskrat movements, activities, key habitat preferences, and habitat features that attract muskrats. Where do muskrats go during floods, freeze outs, and other times of crisis? How do populations shift from place to place as seasons and conditions change? Where are "core" areas, and how do you find them? How to catch muskrats under all conditions and keep catching them and much much more. An invaluable reference you will use over and over again. I will personally refund the purchase price with no questions asked if you are not fully satisfied. I hope to also begin writing a booklet on muskrat control. I hope to have it ready soon.

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