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Few animals cause as much consternation in the hearts of people who enjoy tending their lawns as moles. People go to unbelievable lengths to rid their lawn of these burrowing creatures. Many try various poisons only to discover that they simply don’t work. Others utilize fanciful home remedies ranging from chewing gum to broken glass. Ultimately, many give up and say that there is nothing you can do about moles.


Common Questions about Mole Trapping

1. Are these traps safe for my children and pets?

Thanks for your question. All these traps are relatively safe as none of them use bait. So there is no odor that will attract your pet to the traps. No mole traps are inserted into the mole tunnel, one facing each direction. The depth of the traps below the surface of the ground depends directly on the depth of the mole tunnel. Since they are directly submerged, I think they are rather safe. Scissor and harpoon traps are also safe for pets and children if set properly as it would be pretty hard for an animal or child to get hurt. If you really want to make the scissor and harpoon trap even safer then simply cover them with a five gallon plastic bucket that is anchored to the soil.

2. Are the traps safe for the environment?

Absolutely. There are no poisons or chemicals with traps. Mole traps offer no chemical or pesticide danger to well water, children or pets who may be using the yard.


3. Are the traps legal in my state?

You always need to check the laws of your state before performing any wildlife control. But most states allow the use of traps to control moles. Unfortunately, some states like Washington State and Massachusetts listened to the disinformation of Animal rights groups like the HSUS and others and banned these traps through voter ballot referendum's. You see it is easy for city people (who live in a habitat devoid of wildlife) to make laws imposing restrictions to wildlife control on people who do live with wildlife. Even though I live in Massachusetts, it is not illegal for me to sell or own these traps. The law only pertains to their use. Some day we may find government officials brave enough to do the right thing and overturn at least this portion of the trap ban.

4. Do the traps work?

All three traps work fine with proper training and with active runs.

The fact is traps work with proper training and instruction. To obtain that instruction scroll to the bottom of the page.

We sell four different mole traps:

 Harpoon Mole Trapharpoon mole trap

This is the easiest trap for new mole trappers to use. It is easy to set up correctly. It works great in sandy and clay soils that have few rocks or debris.

Please visit the harpoon mole trap page for safety information.

To order click HERE The traps will be either Victor or Revenge brand traps.

Three Harpoon Trap Special Order Online


Scissor Mole Trapscissor mole trap

This is the more versatile of the available mole traps. It can be used in a variety of soils, including rocky soils. The only downside is that it takes more training for homeowners to use it and some have had trouble setting its strong springs.

To order click HERE

Order the Little Woody Too.



No-Mol Traps

No-Mol mole traps are considered by some to be the most effective mole traps on the market. These are a very simple, yet extremely effective European design.

The are very easy to set, and very safe as the set trap sits entirely within the mole's tunnel. These traps will capture moles, shrews, and even voles. Each box comes complete with 4 traps, 4 wooden stakes, and a set of very clear instructions.



Nash Mole TrapsNash Mole Traps

Work best in clean soil with few roots or rocks.



mole trapping booklet mole trapping video


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