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Here is a letter I received from a person who hired an animal damage controller, who for whatever reason, didn't follow proper procedure. WDC doesn't know if this letter is true or that it has accurately portrayed all the facts. So please take it as illustrative only. Stories like these are common (too common) in the industry.

Now let me be clear. Sometimes nwco's (nuisance wildlife control operators) don't follow procedures because you the client won't let them because of price, so called humane concerns etc. We just believe that sometimes the NWCO should be professional enough to say NO to the client. In any event, the following letter should be illustrative as to why you want a professional NWCO.

Dear WDC,

Hi, I hope I am doing this right. I need some help. I live in (state), near (a city). And we have a mama raccoon who has given birth to some babies in our chimney. The were living on the flue above the fireplace upstairs. We called around and hired a guy to come and take care of it. We don't want to kill them, we just want them to leave. So this guy came and dumped fox urine down the chimney, but it didn't do anything. So we called again and he came back and dumped bobcat urine and mothballs down the chimney. He said that he put it down both chimneys. But the moma moved her babies to the downstairs fireplace flue and they are very happily living there. We have a cat and do not want these two to meet, because bad things would happen. Moma is not moving her babies, what should we do? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! (name)

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