Many people in America claim they want to help wildlife. But the fact is most people only pay lip service to that high ideal. Others think they are "helping" wildlife but their actions are actually accomplishing the exact opposite of their stated purpose. This page will be filled with proper and rational strategies that will actually result in the helping of wildlife.

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Before doing anything with wildlife, you must understand that the interactions between humans and wildlife are regulated by state and federal agencies. You should be aware of the laws in your state. For information on those laws contact your state's Department of Fish and Wildlife a.k.a. Dept. of Natural Resources. Many states only allow licensed wildlife rehabilitators to house and care for injured wildlife. Many states also forbid keeping wildlife as pets. I should also warn you that wildlife carry diseases that are harmful to humans. The fact is that 80% of all rabies exposures were initiated by the human. That is the human approached the animal not the other way around.  Always use caution.

Lost Pigeons

Some times you come across a pigeon with a band on his leg. If you can read the number on the band (binoculars should help) you can find out who owns the bird by contacting  The International Pigeon and Dove Institution at 1-800-882-1586 or the American Racing Pigeon Union at (405) 478-2240. They can help you find the owner of the missing bird.  


Orphaned Wildlife

If You Care Leave Them There


Problems with Relocating Wildlife

It isn't as humane as you might think! relocation.php


Wildlife Rehabilitation

Sometimes you find an injured (not orphaned) wild animal. Resist the urge to "take it home and help it". Many states require a license to rehabilitate wildlife. These regulations help protect the animal as well as the public. Animals can be injured with inappropriate care. Sometimes the animal becomes imprinted and thus never is able to be returned to the wild. You should also know that federal laws prohibit the rehabilitation of some animals like (birds of prey) without a license. Even being caught with the feathers of some birds is a federal crime.

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