Using Guard Animals to Protect Livestock from Coyotes

Do you own livestock like sheep, cattle or other range animals that need to be protected from predators? Are you looking for a non-lethal solution that will reduce your livestock losses and will be on the job 24 hours a day? Then consider this booklet.

The Missouri Dept. of Conservation has produced a booklet entitled "Using Guard Animals to Protect Livestock. 

This 8 1/2 x11 inch 14 page booklet covers all aspects of using guard animals in a simple and easy to understand way. Drawing from the field experiences of farmers in Missouri and in the U.S., the authors discuss using

Guard animals can provide an efficient and cost effective way of protecting your sheep and other cattle from coyote predation. This booklet helps you find out if guard animals will apply to your situation. Guard animals are not a panacea. But they can be part of the solution to coyote predation control.

Cost is $11.95 post paid using Priority Mail. MA residents add 42 cents tax.

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