Scientific Name: Martes pennanti

Fishers like housecats. If you have noticed neighborhood cats disappearing, consider fishers as apossible culprit.

Fishers have an advantage over coyotes, namely fishers can climb trees.

Your options are as follows.
1. Get someone to trap the fishers with a cage trap large enough to catch raccoons. The only problem is don't wait too long. The Mass season is only open for 15-20 days in November. So prepare for next year. (other states may have longer seasons)
2. Keep your cats indoors or at least don't let them out at night or dusk.
3. Cut back trees and ground cover to make it more difficult and scary for the fishers to approach your property in a hidden manner. Fishers don't like open spaces.
4. Convince your state senator and representative, (not federal) to help him or her get the courage to override Question 1.




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