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Stephen Vantassel: 6-27-01

I thoroughly enjoy your work and appreciate the unbiased reviews you do for NADCA's Probe publication. We want our managers to know what is going on, and have even made sure every one of our offices get WCT to keep on top of the industry. Please keep up the great work.

Kevin D. Clark
Critter Control, Inc.


  • Stephen, 

Good news! I haven't seen or heard a single squirrel in our attic or on our roof in weeks. This is usually the time of year when they are actively seeking shelter in our attic. I'm glad I found your web site. The guide was very helpful. I used the newspapers to be sure there was no activity. Then I plugged all the access holes, four in all. Ever since then, they appear to be discouraged from invading our home. Thanks a million! I realize they may be gone temporarily. I'll be ready for them if they ever come back.

Thanks again, J. D.


thanks! Mary Ellen

  • I'm not worried about the 75 cents. The info you've provided is worth a lot more than 75 cents. You can keep it. Joe D
  • Thanks for your help. I appreciate you honesty.Ann

  • Thank you for responding so quickly. I will pass along your advice. Pesazi

  • Steve, Thanks alot for the response to my questions...Rick B.
  • Thank you very much Stephen. You reply was quick and very useful. I have already passed it on to a friend. Russell  V.
  • Hi, Mr. Vantassell -- Thank you for your quick reply. I will try to trap them first. Best regards, Weimo
  • Thank you for your informative web site. I'm in the midst of trying to get some skunks to leave my garage, and I found your Web Site to be most helpful. Michael G.
  • Hello,
    I was surfin the Net and came across your site.  Love it- these Eco-Nazis seem to say the stupidest things, don't they? Molly K.
  • thanks for the info on trapping, Jerry
  • Thank you for your boldness and straight talk about animal peace from God ei,Christian , ei, God, ei, Bible point of view. It was a surprising statement..I loved it for it's uncompromising view..

    Thank you, Cindy C.

    Great website !!  I am a former trapper and I can relate very well to everything presented here.  I am currently doing a project for Umass (campus deleted to protect the writer) on the current beaver damage resulting from the passage of Question 1.  Any other relative information or links you have would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.







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