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Coyote Control for Canis Latrans
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Coyote Damage Control

Canis latrans

Preventing Conflicts with Coyotes

    The DFW reminds Massachusetts residents that coyotes have been present in the state for 50 years and the Sandwich incident is the first case of a human being bitten.

    Dr. Rob Deblinger, Assistant Director of the DFW advises: "Treat coyotes, and all wildlife, with respect. They instinctively avoid people unless an artificial food source changes their natural behavior. Don't feed coyotes intentionally and don't make your yards attractive to coyotes by leaving pet food, garbage, compost or bird feed exposed. People also need to remember to be responsible for their pets. Dogs should be under their owners control at all times and cats should be kept indoors."

    Recent events underscore Deblinger's message. A small dog was mauled by a family group of coyotes in southeastern Massachusetts over what biologists believe was a  territorial dispute. When dogs and coyotes interact they're usually defending their respective home territories. With coyote territories ranging from 4 to 25 square miles many include large pieces of suburbia. This particular dog survived the attack suggesting the conflict was not a case of coyotes preying on the dog. Had the coyotes been actively hunting it is unlikely the dog would have returned. Cats are usually not as lucky. Coyotes can be quick to exploit an unwary cat that is left outdoors, particularly at night. Cats also kill many small mammals and birds and often leave the remains near their suburban homes. Coyotes will actively scavenge these dead animals and return to yards where they repeatedly find carrion. Anyone encountering a coyote showing abnormal behavior is encouraged to contact the DFW, their town Animal Control Officer or the Massachusetts Environmental Police.

For more information contact Sue Langlois (508) 792-7270 x123 or Dr. Rob Deblinger x128

Coyote Calls - Adult eastern coyotes are tirelessly hunting and scavenging the back woods and back yards of Massachusetts at this time of year in an effort to meet the peak energy demands of their pups. Litters of from 4 to 8 are growing quickly and have insatiable appetites. Soon the young will be following the adults to hone their own hunting skills. MassWildlife reminds residents that coyotes are adaptable and opportunistic and will utilize garbage, compost, cats, pet food, fruit, grill drippings and other artificial food sources to supplement their natural diet of rodents, rabbits, woodchucks, snakes, insects, berries and carrion. Remove all possible food sources and make back yards less inviting to coyotes and their prey by cutting back brush, chipping brush piles and sealing off crawl spaces under outbuildings. Contact Chrissie Henner, 508.792.7270 x123. ###

Coyote Control

Non-Trapping & Non-Hunting Methods


Trapping & Hunting Methods

Trapping Coyotes With Cage Traps Canine Trapping - Six Days with a LongLiner by John Graham. Ride along with professional trapper John Graham who was county predatory agent for Garfield County, Montana for 11 years. Filmed on location in eastern Montana during october and November 2002. This video will cover topics John considers to be the most critical to making consistent canine catches. Locations, Equipment, Simple Effective sets, Remakes, Reading New Country, Locating Coyotes, and other valuable tips and information on understanding coyotes. (120 minutes in length)

Cage Trapping Coyotes

Although very rare, coyotes have been caught in southern Texas (higher = coyote densities than most of the US) in live-traps. Target species, = during a variety of studies, were bobcats, ocelots, and raccoons. Of =literally tens of thousands of trap-nights, 3 coyotes (2  juveniles [1 yr =old] and 1 adult [5 yr old] , aged by cementum annuli) were caught over = a 5-year period. This equates to an extremely low success rate per = effort and hardly justifies the costs of the traps, if coyotes are your = target species. For what it's worth! Reprinted with permission from  Scott Henke Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute.

Trapping coyotes is difficult. We suggest you contacting an experienced trapper to control coyotes. If you want to learn the fundamentals in coyote control than click Guide to the Management of Coyotes

A new Trap for Coyotes:

Collarum Coyote TrapThis trap is called the Collarum trap. It works by sending a noose around the coyote's head when he pulls the baited bar. In field studies it exhibits a 100% selectivity rate and came very close to passing the Best Management Practices tests for humaness (it only failed because coyotes break their teeth when they gnaw on the cable). To purchase this trap click Buy Now Be sure to check your state laws prior to implementing any coyote control program. Coyote trapped by a collarum trap

Not sure about the trap? Get the instructional video: Buy Online

Efficiency Information about the Trap Read my article on the Collarum Trap in collarum informationPDF File. Collarum Info


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