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Coyote Bibliography Canis latrans
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Annotated Coyote Bibliography

Canis latrans

Regrettably, the public is not provided with easy information on coyotes and their control. The media is too much filled with sound bites and spin to provide the public with information regarding difficult and complex issues like coyotes. 

Best Management Practices for Trapping Coyotes in the Eastern U.S. (Published by the I.A.F.W.A., 2003)Best Management Practices for Trapping Coyotes in the Eastern U.S.

Good publication. The result of actual field testing of various trapping tools and methods. Unfortunately, the Collarum Trap is missing.

Eastern Coyote Study Site

"Coyotes" Massachusetts Wildlife No. 4 1998.

An excellent piece on coyotes in Massachusetts.

Finkel, Mike "The Ultimate Survivor" Audobon May-June, 1999 pp.52-59.

For an organization that isn't a strong supporter of consumptive uses of wildlife, this article is about as objective as they can get. I believe the writer, however, was unduly influenced by Bob Crabtree's theory which says, "If we stopped killing coyotes, their population may decline". Of course Mr. Finkel dutifully consults with Crabtree's critics but fails to adequately weigh their concerns. Take Massachusetts. For all practical purposes, coyotes are no longer being hunted or trapped due to Question 1see politics.php. Yet we have already had one child attacked in less than two years after the trap ban passed.  The article also used inflammatory writing with words like "slaughter, killing, exterminated". Normally one exterminates a species not a specific number of animals. The statement, "A powerful minority of Americans want coyotes dead, and so the slaughter will continue"p.59 while true fails to explain to the reader that A. the number of ranchers and farmers have been declining in the U.S. for decades. B. these ranchers lose money every time a coyote kills one of their animals. By insinuating this undemocratic principle of minority rule, Mr. Finkel failed to adequately explain unfair financial burden ranchers would bear just because a bunch of city folk don't like coyotes to be controlled. Sounds to me like the oppressive majority. (SMV 7/17/99)

Miniter, Frank. "Preying on People" Outdoor Life  February, 1999 pp. 49-54.

A good article if you want to learn more about coyote attacks.



Adshade, Kevin "Bounty on coyotes would fail: DNR official" New Glasgow Evening News (Nova Scotia) July 8, 2002. Note, information below is not the complete article. It has been edited for space.

A bounty on coyotes would fail in an attempt to reduce the numbers of the wily critter, a wildlife official says.Doug Archibald, a biologist with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), spoke at a county council meeting recently. He said coyotes are notorious for their ability to increase their reproductive rates if their numbers are in decline.

"Bounties have been tried all over the world" with little success, he said. Archibald made an effort to soothe fears of residents, pointing out that there has only been one recorded human fatality as a result of a coyote attack in North America. He went on to state that people concerned about coyotes being around their homes should remove food sources, such as organic carts, as much as possible, and should also keep an eye on their cats and small dogs.

There are about 8,000 coyotes in Nova Scotia, a number that has remained steady for years.

The animal first appeared in Nova Scotia in the early 1970s. A $50 bounty was placed on coyotes in 1982, but that was abandoned four years later, after being deemed ineffective."We're better off trying to live with the species, than to eliminate it," Archibald said.

"There are very, very low numbers of incidents of coyotes and human interaction where humans have been hurt. People and coyotes seem to avoid one another."Smith said residents have also complained about cats going missing.Nova Scotians are allowed to hunt coyotes year-round.

Sterba, James P. "Wild Theory: A Montana Trapper Hangs on to a Calling Most Love to Hate: Indeed, Once Prized, Many of the Frontier Arts are Seen as Harmful Today. How Cowboy became a Verb" Wall Street Journal. Monday, June 28, 1999 p.1ff. 

Through an interview with federal trapper John Graham, Mr. Sterba recounts how American Culture no longer likes trappers and ranchers. 

Coyote Bibliography by Dave Hastings (Compiled 6/99) and used with permission.

Young, S.P.; Jackson, HHT, 1951 The Clever Coyote The Stackpole Company, Cameron & Keller St., Harrisburg, PA 17105

Beckoff, M., 1978 ed. Coyotes: Biology, Behavior, and Management. New York, Academic Press

Cadieux, Charles, L., 1983, Coyotes: Predators and Survivors, Stackpole Books (see address, above) ISBN # 0-913276-42-1

(Related, but not directly)

Mech, David L., 1970 The Wolf; The Ecology and Behavior of an Endangered Species, UN of Minnesota Press, 2037 University Avenue Southeast, Minneapolis, MN 55455

Lopez, Barry 1978 Of Wolves and Men, Scribner & Sons, NY ISBN: 0-684-15624-5

Journal Articles worth locating:

Allen, Stephen, and Sargeant, Alan, Observed Interactions Between Coyotes and Red Foxes, Journal of Mammology, Vol. 70, Number 3, pp. 631-633

Spatial Relations Between Sympatric Coyotes and Red Foxes in North Dakota, Journal of Wildlife Management, Vol. 51,(2) pp 285-293

Composition and Stability of Coyote Families and Territories in North Dakota, Prarie Naturalist, 19 (2) 107-114 (1987)

Bender,D., Bayne, E., Brigham, M. Lunar Condition Influences Coyote Howling, The American Midland Naturalist, v136, p. 413-17 (1996)

Cohn, Jeffery, A Dog-Eat-Dog World? Bioscience, v. 48, 1998

Windberg L., Lamar A., Ebbert, S., Kelly B. Population Characteristics of Coyotes in the Northern Chihuahuan Desert, The American Midland Naturalist, v138. p. 197-207 (July, 1997)

WDC wishes to thank Mr. Hastings for letting us publish his bibliography on coyotes.


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