Canada Geese Non-Lethal Control Strategies

Canada geese are federally protected by the Migratory Bird Act. Fortunately, there are ways to control Canada geese damage that do not require a federal depredation permit.

No FeedingDon't feed Canada geese

Of course, any bird control program has to begin with a no feeding ordinance. If your town can't even get this done, then it probably won't be allowed to control Canada Geese in any fashion.

Hazing Canada Geese

Hazing consists of harassing the birds so that they no longer will frequent your water front property. The best way this is accomplished it to setup a dog run parallel to the water. Let the dog chase and bark at the geese. The key is to find a dog that loves to chase geese and is not intimidated by them. The dog must also want to chase and not capture. Border Collies are one breed that have had considerable success in hazing geese. Another key is to have neighbors that don’t mind barking dogs.

Audible geese distress soundsAudible Distress Sounds to harass Canada Geese

Coyote near by ??? This unit is custom programed just for NGM and should be used as part of your integrated goose management program. This digital bird repelling system features solid-state electronics mounted inside a NEMA rated control box that is suitable for most any application. The unit features two built-in amplifiers and 1 external speaker, (up to 4 optional speakers available, for high-volume, crystal-clear digital sound output. The generating unit mounts easily to a pipe using the included mounting hardware and bracket. The unit assists in repelling geese and other birds by broadcasting audible distress calls of different bird species as well as howls from coyotes and dogs. Our system includes the generating unit, built-in amplifier, 110VAC adapter with 50 feet of cable, One external speaker(with 100 feet of cable) and a 10 foot battery cable with clips.

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Harassment of Geese with Dead Geese Effigies

Dead Canada Geese EffigiesDead Goose Decoy for deterring geese. Nobody likes a dead goose, especially live geese. The Goose Guard is a lifelike goose decoy placed in an "agony" position convincing live geese there are predators in the vicinity - hence the fresh "kill". Goose Guard can be used on land and water (water applications must be anchored so they won't float away). A minimum of two decoys must be used for flocking geese to believe predators will return to inflict more damage. Kit includes two decoys in "kill" position, plus chord and anchors for water applications. Pricing and Order Information


Coyote, Fox or other Predator Effigy

Kirk LaPierre of National Goose Management has used this technique with other harassment techniques with results.

Chemical Repellents

Methyl Anthranilate

This is a spray repellent that is placed on grass that causes the geese to move on. It is sold under trade names, Rejex-it, Goose Chase and others. While we understand that you won't need a federal permit, you will need to get a licensed pesticide applicator to apply this product.


This spray repellent under the brand name "Flight Control" makes the geese nauseous and also has a visual component. Manufacturer says when the geese see the visual cue after being affected by the spray, they simply avoid landing. It also comes with a grass growth inhibitor so you don't have to cut the grass as often. (Must be reapplied after each grass cutting).

Fencing Canada Geese

Placing a three foot high fence along the edge of the water can be a very effective method of preventing geese from defecating on your lawn. Geese like being able to have free access from the water to the lawn and vice versa. The fence does'nt’t have to be pretty, expensive or even permanent. You can even use chicken wire.

Flagging Canada Geese


Flagging Canada Geese close up

Some people have had success putting up plastic flags around four feet off the ground. The 3 mm black plastic flags should be at least a 2x3 foot wide sheet. The idea is that these sheets will blow in the wind disturbing the geese. A "V" shaped notch should be placed on the end of the flag to aid its being rustled by the wind. 

Others like the photos to the right show (photo by Stephen Vantassel)that every several feet, Irritape is attached in 3 to four foot lengths to harass the geese.


laser light bird controlLaser Harassment of Canada Geese


In certain situations, lasers have been used to quietly haze Canada Geese. The beauty of this technique is its quietness and relative ease of application. This is still new technology but it appears that it works at least on geese. As issues of safety, health, and property damage associated with wildlife populations increase, so too does public demand for non-lethal, non-injurious, and environmentally benign solutions to such problems. Recent research conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Wildlife Services' (WS) National Wildlife Research Center (NWRC) indicates that relatively low-power, long wavelength lasers (630-650nm "red beam) provide an effective means of dispersing some problem bird species under low-light conditions, while presenting no threat to the animal or environment. Do not look into the beam. Pricing and Order Information

Roping Canada Geese

I am not sure if I am using the correct term here, but the method should work. Roping consists of stretching wires across the water. They only need to be a few inches above the water. You can have them placed every 10 feet or so. The idea is that the birds like to roam and swim free. The cords present a barrier and therefore a nuisance to them. I would think this method would work best on small ponds. If the pond needed to be used for swimming, I would think that the cords could be easily moved and then replaced.

Landscaping Canada Geese



Canada Goose Control BookletIf you would like a copy of "Managing Canada Geese in Urban Environments", a booklet which covers all the available Canada Geese control techniques available visit books.php Before proceeding with any goose control operation, you must have this booklet.

For more information on goose control click canadageesepermitcontrols.php

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