Success in Urban Bird Control


How to succeed in urban bird controlIf you are looking for a field manual that will take you step by step through the urban bird control process, then How to Succeed in Urban Bird Control is the text for you.

This book was written for animal damage control professionals in mind. It covers everything from bidding a job, to descriptions of the birds, to product installation and more. Fall safety is also covered along with bird fecal cleanup procedures.The text's primary emphasis is on structural bird control rather than controlling birds in open areas.

The text fits into a three ring binder or stands alone. All 80 of its 8 1/2 x 11 inch pages are filled with important information you need to get the bird control job done right.

This text is a how to manual for controlling birds in structures, buildings, signs etc. If you want details, this book is for you.


If this book is too much for you, I would recommend The Bird Management Field Guide.

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