Vultures and Buzzards

Legalities: These birds are protected by the North American Migratory Bird Act. Click Bird Act for more info. So you must use non-lethal control techniques first. Then if damage persists, you can apply for a permit to use more aggressive tactics.


Controlling Vulture Damage

Mark McKee Sr. has given us permission to tell you about his techniques for controlling vulture damage.

One cure is windmills. The small ones you put in your front yard. They come in a lot of colors and designs and attached to the roof line will keep the buzzards away.

Another trick is bells ( the little miniature cow bells). use the bright pink trotline leader and hang a bell every 6-8 inches. you then string this along the ridge. Works wonders but some people do not like the constant ringing of the bells. Just two options that I know works.



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