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Pigeon damage control for Columba livia
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Pigeon Damage Control

How to Stop Pigeons from living/roosting under dormer

Pigeon Biology

You have essentially two options, although you may need to use both. The first is to install 1/4 inch hardware cloth/wire mesh (not chicken wire) over the gaps caused by dormers and eaves. Pigeons, as you well know love to roost under the protection on an eave. By screening it off, they will no longer be able to loaf there.

Now of course you may be worried about how these wire mesh boxes will look. Although I can't say they will disappear. Painting the mesh, the black or a color similar to the house will go a long way to help them disappear. Mesh certainly looks better than the white/gray pigeon droppings.

For other ledges, installing a ledge product will prevent their roosting. Bird Spikes or Porcupine Wire (this link has been fixed 9/6/02) use spikes to prevent pigeons from roosting on ledges, you cannot use these products on ledges where people's hands can reach. Cost of these products range from around 8 dollars per linear foot plus installation. They are permanent solutions so the cost must be seen against their long term value.

Click for a training manual on Bird Control

Pigeon Control Quackery

We don't cite Ultrasound as a pigeon control technique because we have not seen any evidence that convinces us that ultrasound works. We welcome hard evidence to the contrary. Just e-mail us. But all the studies we have seen show that ultrasound doesn't work on birds because they can't hear in the ultrasonic range anymore than we can. This is not to be confused with distress calls. Visit distress calls.

Short Term Pigeon Control Solutions and We mean Short Term

Gooey products like Hot foot® and Birds away® are effective in stopping roosting for the short term, ie. less than a year. effects of gooey pigeon repellent.JPG (71628 bytes)They also attract dirt and melt in hot weather making potentially quite a mess. Look at the photo to the right. Notice the snake like curve which attracted all that dirt and grime. Animal rights activists also consider them inhumane if that means anything to you. We don't think these products are inhumane per se, however failure to use them properly and failure to monitor them properly can cause some birds to suffer unnecessarily.

Owls , scary-eye balloons and snakes only work for a few days at a time. You can lengthen the time of their effectiveness if you move them around. However the birds soon learn that they are not alive.

Distress Calls and/or predator calls can also work for the short term. However, pigeons can become quickly become habituated to these techiques. Harassment techniques work better when used together. So owl effigies and distress calls should work better together than alone.

laser light bird controlLaser Light Harassment:

This is still new technology but it appears that it works at least on geese. As issues of safety, health, and property damage associated with wildlife populations increase, so too does public demand for non-lethal, non-injurious, and environmentally benign solutions to such problems. Recent research conducted bt the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Wildlife Services' (WS) National Wildlife Research Center (NWRC) indicates that relatively low-power, long wavelength lasers (630-650nm "red beam) provide an effective means of dispersing some problem bird species under low-light conditions, while presenting no threat to the animal or environment.

Birds on a Wire

The best method would be burying the cable. But if you can't do that, I would suggest stringing a wire above the cable. We call it bird wire. The birds won't be able to perch on the t.v. cable wire. Stainless steel wire with springs attached at one end to help give tension. The wire should be about one inch above the cable wire. Be sure to check with the cable company before doing anything. Don't do this on electrical wires or any other wires without permission!

Long Term Pigeon Control

Non-Lethal Pigeon Control

Daddy Long Legs pigeon controlDaddy Longlegs: This device prevents pigeons from loafing or roosting on small areas like lamps, poles etc. Order On-Line


Netting: Netting is the gold standard of bird control including, pigeons. Although the initial cost seems high, quality work and materials will last many years. Plus netting, when done correctly will stop bird access to areas where you don't want them. The downside of netting is that it can only be done on structures and isn't practical for open area situations. Order Netting On-line Scroll down and select the size you need. If this is new to you, we would recommend purchasing a booklet on bird exclusion.


Lethal Pigeon Control


Lost Pigeons  or Injured Pigeons

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visit http://www.wildlifedamagecontrol.net/animaldiseases.php

Bird Droppings

Bird Spikes Porcupine Wire  
General Bird Control Manual Pigeon Trap Bird Control Installation Guide


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