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House Sparrow information and control
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House Sparrow

Scientific Name: Passer domesticus

house sparrowNote the house sparrow in the upper left portion of the image. In the lower central right portion of the image, in the A, you will see a house sparrow nest. The white smears on the letters are tell tale fecal signs of a bird presence. (photo by Stephen Vantassel)


They are not to be confused with the variety of Sparrows that are protected under Federal and perhaps even State Law. The way I identify them is by looking for the male. He has a very distinct black throat/breast patch.

Biology: Weight: 1 oz. Diet: Seeds, grains, nuts and fruit Habitat: Trees and buildings Activity: Diurnal/year round Procreation: three broods per season. Each brood containing 4-7 eggs. They can average 20 young per year.

Symptoms: You may get a client or so who complains about mites coming into their home. Signs: Avg. Hole Size:1"diameter minimum. Access: a variety of places. I have encountered them in exhaust vents, eaves, gaps in business signs, roll up awnings and gutters. "Sparrows like to build nests in small openings." (Photo: note nest in left corner and the male sparrow on top of the letter "C"). Damage to House: Their nesting material can be unsightly and possibly a fire hazard. However, it is their droppings that can provide the most dismay. Damage to Lawn/Garden: minimal if any. Feces: These birds will defecate before entering their hole. This is the tell-tale sign of where they are living.

Essentially Four Ways to control birds:

1. Habitat Change: This would include removing food and water sources and/or removing plants the animals like.

2. Exclusion: This would include netting, spikes and other devices to prevent the bird from gaining access to the area or surface you wish to protect. For spikes get porcupine wire and for netting get Netting. Be sure to get the smallest mesh.

3. Hunting: Very time consuming and potentially dangerous to neighbors.

4. Trapping. See traps below.

If you are looking for a trap for a small number of sparrows consider this one: SPARROW TRAP

house sparrow trapThis sparrow trap is primarily for people who need to catch a few house sparrows. (Remember other sparrows are protected by federal law.) This trap is excellent for people looking to protect Blue Bird boxes from house sparrow invasions. This trap can also be used to catch a wayward sparrow in a building or structure. If the trap is checked regularly, the sparrow can be released outside safely and unharmed. The entrance hole is too narrow to permit starlings. However, you may be able to widen the hole of a wooden box and install the trigger system to catch starlings.

The wooden sparrow traps look like any other "birdhouse" with a twist ! Inside is a spring-loaded door which snaps shut when a sparrow enters the house and lands on a perch which is positioned below the opening. The door has a flourescent orange sticker affixed to it so you can tell when the door is closed. The opening in the trap measures 1.25 inches, which is a perfect size for sparrows. Overall the trap is 9"H x 5"W x 5.5"D. The trap is accessed by pulling a pin located on the side of the box which releases the front of the birdhouse to swivel outward. All pieces are glued and fastened with non-rusting hardware. When you are done removing sparrows, the trap inside can be easily removed by loosening two mounting screws. Can be used as a conventional birdhouse.

House Sparrow TrapOrder Online Click Sparrow Trap






Have a huge Sparrow Problem use the Multiple Sparrow Trap


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