Ken Smythe's Bottom Edge Beaver and Otter Trapping

Bottom edge beaver and otter trappingThe Bottom Edge Otter & Beaver book by Ken Smythe, as told by Bob Noonan, also includes a chapter by George Wacha. Ken Smythe's first book, Bottom Edge Mink Set, revolutionized mink trapping, especially in northern areas where weather is a severely limiting factor. Since the bottom edge set is completely sumerged, it isn't bothered by floods and freezing, and for the first time trappers could keep large numbers of traps operating in challenging conditions. Ken was already aware that beaver and otter also worked submerged banks, and had been experimenting with the bottom edge set for these furbearers since the time he perfected it on mink. This is a valuable addition to any trapper or nwco's library. (63 pages)

Notice this book trains in the use of traditional trapping tools, such as a conibear trap.

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