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Bat control information videoLearn about urban bats and their control

Pioneer Wildlife Control in cooperation with Wildlife Damage Control produced a video in November of 1999 on urban bat problems and their control. This 34 minute tape has been shown on Wilbraham Public Access T.V. (Wilbraham, Massachusetts) and has also been shown on Springfield Public Access Television.

If bats are a mystery to you or you just want to learn more about wildlife and how to responsibly interact with wildlife, then you should obtain this video.

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bat control video350104 Bat Free Belfries: A Guide To Bat-Proofing Video & Booklet

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(Margaret Brittingham & Lisa Williams-Whitmer)

This Pennsylvania State University duo of wildlife biologists has put together a video that explains bats and their manners, along with bat biology. The best way to remove bats from homes is shown along with how to bat-proof your home once the bats have been evicted. Finally, how to build bat houses and theories of placing a bat house are explained.

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Bat Control Video by Al Lafrance

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Bat Control Video by Al Lafrance. (1 hr. 20 min.) one of the nation's premiere bat control specialists. This video specifically focuses on locating the entry and exit points of bats and how to effectively use the BATTRAP product. If you were wondering how to sucessfully use the Battrap, this video will definitely assist you.

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