Wildlife Trapping Baits & Lures

Baits and lures are an important factor in any wildlife trapping situation. Without the correct enticement for your target animal, your trapping experience will be fraught with failure.

Baits: are generally solid materials used to entice an animal into the trap. They make the animal think there is food available.

Lures: are generally liquid materials and can stimulate wildlife activity through the mating impulse, food impulse or territorial impulse.

We are providing the following professionally manufactured baits and lures below. Some baits are post paid others are not. As always, feel free to send us your questions. We want your animal damage control experience to be a sucessful one.

Do homemade baits work? Absolutely! If you purchase my books or booklets you will learn what some of these homemade baits and lures are. But sometimes you need a little extra help to catch that trap shy animal. This is where professional baits and lures can help.

Professional baits and lures have the following advantages over homemade baits.

WDC has received several letter asking us if these baits are poisonous. Let me assure everyone that these baits are not laced with poison. They are only meant to attract the animal NOT kill the animal. They are also not meant for human or pet consumption. They are bait not food for the animal you seek to capture.



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Plus a free copy of Baiting BasicsBaiting basics with any bait purchase my e-mail is admin@wildlifedamagecontrol.com


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