Nutterbutter Professional Squirrel Bait

Here is what one customer had to say:

Dear Stephen...

We received the 'Squirrell Bait' ('Nutter Butter') that we ordered on-line awhile back.

We are soooo HAPPY to report that the squirrells here in the Hinman attic loved it, and we have removed three of them to a location far enough away that they should never return!

We have noticed one more up there, and have moved the trap closer to where it is, and hopefully will be making another 'squirrell run' soon so they can all be together! Then we will board up the hole and count our blessings and thanking you for your help!!!

We are truly grateful. We will be happy to reccommend your bait to anyone that we hear of that is having a problem with squirrells!

Thank you again!
Andy & Barbara Hinman,

Nutter butter squirrel baitSquirrel Paste Bait, a rich mix of nut oils, meats & seeds that squirrels simply find irresistible. This bait like all of the "Premium Grade" bait products is spiked with an anti-drying agent to increase the baits effectiveness. Nutter Butter has proven itself effective with gray, red, & flying squirrels. (Warning, no bait is guaranteed to work every time). For a change up bait, give it a try on Norway Rats, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Plus a free copy of Baiting BasicsBaiting basics my e-mail is

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