Wildlife Trapping Baits & Lures

Baits are an important factor in any wildlife trapping situation. Without the correct enticement for your target animal, your trapping experience will be fraught with failure.

We are providing the following professionally manufactured baits and lures below. The baits are not post paid. As always, feel free to send us your questions. We want your animal damage control experience to be a successful one.

Professional baits and lures have the following advantages over homemade baits.

WDC has received several letter asking us if these baits are poisonous. Let me assure everyone that these baits are not laced with poison. They are only meant to attract the animal NOT kill the animal. They are also not meant for human or pet consumption. They are bait not food for the animal you seek to capture.


Buy a professional bait and download a free article. "Baiting Basics, how to use your bait properly". You can download the PDF file now.

Baiting Basics Click to Download
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Why use Professional Baits? 
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Professional Baits and Lures (More baits listed below this table)


"Beaver Blaster"

Pricing and Ordering Info
"Beaver Buffet" View Pricing & Ordering Info
CATS, HOUSE Wildcat Feral Cat Lure 
Pricing & Ordering Info
MUSKRAT Dobbins Muskrat #1 Pricing & Ordering Info
RACCOON Mello Yellow Pricing & Ordering Info
Corn Dog Pricing & Ordering Info
Masked Bandit Pricing & Ordering Info
SKUNK Tree Berry Pricing & Ordering Info
Rose Bud Pricing & Ordering Info
  Mello Yello Pricing & Ordering Info
SNAKE Strike-Um Snake Lure 
Pricing & Ordering Info
SQUIRREL Nutter Butter 
Pricing & Ordering Info
  Fruit & Nut 
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  Pricing & Ordering Info

Tree-Berry raccoon and skunk baitOrder On-Line Click Here!

Huot's personal favorite for coon & skunk. This sweet smelling paste bait fills the air with its' aromatic scent and is a combination of tree ripened fruit essences & puree, along with an undertone of bush berries. Place on your favorite bait holder and position so animal must pass over the pan toget to it and watch the results. Plus a free copy of Baiting Basics

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fruit bait for skunksRose Bud 8 oz.  Order Online: Click Here
Rose Bud is a paste bait that draws fruit loving wildlife
 such as raccoons, skunks and opossums.

Plus a free copy of Baiting Basics

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Skunk sweet baitMello Yellow 8 oz.	 Order Online: Click Here

This paste bait mimics natures perfect fruit. Powerful, lingering, and intensely sweet.
Excellent skunk bait. A good Spring & Summer bait that animals really work for.
As with all "Premium Grade" baits this will not dry out like some of the others and
 is "cat" resistant. Plus a free copy  There are absolutely no animal by-products contained within the formula for
Mellow Yellow Paste Bait !!

Plus A free copy of Baiting Basics

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Whistle Pig  8 oz. Order Online: Click Here
"Whistle Pig" woodchuck or groundhog paste bait. This is a blend of no less than four irresistible Woodchuck bait
essential oils, plants, and vegetable juices compounded to really the groundhogs mouth water. At
a time when food is plentiful you have to offer them something they can't resist...........that is "Whistle Pig".
 Smear some on large leafy vegetable, like cabbage and place in rear of trap. Watch the results !!

Plus A free copy of Baiting Basics 

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baits  professional baitsFor future additions


Additional baits are listed Below

We have tried to organize the baits according to species. However, due to the fact that some of the animals, like skunks and raccoons eat almost everything, many baits will overlap species. Please follow this key.

W= woodchuck, groundhog
R= raccoon
S= skunk


Raccoon Eviction Fluid

Warning! No repellent is ever 100% effective.

Repels female raccoon 1 oz bottle.
Skunk Trailing Lure S 16 oz.
Flying Squirrel Lure (liquid) Flying Squirrels 1oz.  4oz.
Rabbit Urine Rabbits 4 oz  16 oz

We also have access to other baits and lures.

Drop us a line and we can let you know about prices and availability.

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