Bad Smell

We get several questions a year about a bad smell eminating from a person's walls. Other times the questions are about skunk spray.

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Odors can come from two different sources:

1. Feces/Urine of the animal.

Some animals like bats, raccoons, flying squirrels urinate and deficate in buildings. If these nusiance animals are not removed then the fecal/urine material can build up and make a stench. Understand that you can have feces/urine in your home and not have any noticible smell. Odors can be dissapated by attic vents and shielded by thick insulation. WARNING: BEFORE REMOVING ANY ANIMAL FECES/URINE OR CONTAMINATED MATERIAL BE SURE YOU HAVE AN APPROPRIATE UNDERSTANDING OF THE POTENTIAL BIOHAZARDS INCUMBENT ON SUCH REMOVAL. For more info click here

2. Animal's themselves.

Othertimes, the odors are caused by the animals themselves. Animals like raccoons and squirrels have their own odors that over time can become more pronounced in a home. Other times, these animals smell because they die in the walls or attic.

Signs that the smell eminated from a dead animal

Don't be surprised at the amount of odor caused by something as small as a mouse.

Strategies to respond and even to prevent these odors.

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